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Announcing Revcast's Latest Innovation: Pipeline Capacity Planning

We are thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in our offerings at Revcast, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of modern revenue capacity management. Meet Revcast pipeline capacity planning, designed to revolutionize how revenue organizations approach GTM planning and forecasting.

Expanding Beyond Sales Capacity Planning

From the beginning, Revcast has been instrumental in providing sales capacity planning and real-time insights for revenue teams. Our latest update extends the platform by incorporating full pipeline capacity planning and management capabilities. This expansion allows revenue organizations to not only plan and monitor sales capacity but also to extend these critical insights into their pipeline capacity.

Why Pipeline Capacity Planning Matters

In today's dynamic market, ensuring that your revenue team has the right capacity to meet and exceed targets is more crucial than ever. With Revcast's new capabilities, organizations can model, plan, and predict their ability to deliver pipeline dollars across various teams, including sales development reps (SDRs), business development reps (BDRs), and marketing. This holistic approach ensures that you have the appropriate capacity in place to achieve your revenue goals, thereby optimizing your sales and marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Sales vs. Pipeline Quotas.gif

Enhanced Flexibility and Insights

Revcast's latest update introduces unprecedented flexibility in tracking both pipeline generation and sales quota. When building plans in Revcast, organizations can now choose between dollar and non-dollar quotas, accommodating various roles within the revenue team. This is particularly beneficial for roles such as SDRs and partner channel managers, whose contributions are necessary to hit revenue goals but whose targets might be measured in terms of deals or opportunities rather than straight revenue dollars.

Tailored Planning for Diverse Teams

Understanding that organizations and the team structures within them are unique, our new feature set allows for the assignment of different quotas within the same team. This accommodates variations in seniority levels, On-Target Earnings (OTEs), or roles, ensuring a more accurate and effective planning process. Additionally, with the ability to assign multiple quotas to a single employee you can now track their attainment across various quota types.

Non-Dollar Quota

A Holistic View of Your Revenue Organization

Revcast now empowers customers to define their entire revenue organization within the platform, from sales and SDRs to marketing managers and customer success teams. By setting up targets, defining quotas, and establishing headcount, ramp time and attrition rates, our customers can ensure they have the requisite pipeline and sales capacity to meet their sales objectives, not just for the upcoming quarters but for years to come.

A Word from Our CEO, Dustin Amrhein

"Our latest release represents a significant milestone for Revcast and our valued customers," says Dustin Amrhein, CEO of Revcast. "By expanding from sales to full pipeline capacity planning, we're offering a solution that not only enhances the strategic planning capabilities of revenue organizations but also aligns their sales and marketing efforts more closely with their business objectives. We're excited to see how our customers leverage these new capabilities to drive their revenue to new heights."

Looking Ahead

Pipeline and sales capacity is just the beginning. Revcast is the only solution on the market to offer full revenue capacity planning. Over the coming months we plan to make these capabilities even more robust. 🚀

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