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Weekly forecasting with revenue plan insights

Revcast product: Access current revenue and sales capacity insights to enrich forecasting calls

What’s missing from weekly sales forecast calls...

Weekly forecasting and deal reviews typically involve three elements: a look at the pipeline, your current quarter’s deal roadmap, and sales reps and manager discussion of deal movement and blockers. These weekly meetings often do not (but should!) include the current status of your capacity to produce your deal pipeline, because the data usually isn't easy to get.

Why is this a problem? 

If you and the team are focused only on deals in play and win/loss outcomes, you’re not revisiting the fundamental ingredients needed to ensure you can generate adequate future deal pipeline. Where and how have things changed week to week -- for better or worse -- that can affect productivity later?

Stuff happens

Your revenue plan can’t predict every real-world change that will occur and when. Reps transfer teams, go out on leave, and attrit. Hiring gets delayed. 

Inefficiencies start to build

Over time, what seem like small deviations from your plan start to add up, and this can lead to increased cost to growth.

Risk alerting is delayed

Without enough quota on the street, marketing, or BDR contribution, your revenue target is at risk – and you should know that as early as possible.

Growth opportunities get missed

Conversely, it may take longer to see where your data points to positive trends where you can capitalize sooner on growth.
“You should want to know if you're going to only be at 80% of your hiring plan or your sales capacity that's needed for next quarter... Because if you don't you will not have enough time to rectify the situation and you will not make your number. So including and tracking these elements on at least a weekly basis and incorporating them into your forecast is absolutely critical to understanding your performance and getting to your targets.”
How Revcast Helps

Weekly insights on revenue capacity

It doesn't need to be hard to get this data each week. Revcast integrates with CRM and HR systems, constantly collecting status about your pipeline’s capacity, headcount, trends, and future estimates. You easily bring those insights into weekly forecasting.

See current and future impacts
See how hiring, rep movements, ramp times, quota on the street, attrition, attainment, marketing, and BDR contributions affect capacity for deal creation and revenue achievement.
Check your scorecard weekly
Get a visual snapshot of current performance. Plus, get proactive notifications based on your defined thresholds, so this becomes part of each week’s agenda.
Boost transparency and accountability
Fill the blind spot by receiving a weekly capacity-based forecast (hiring, attrition, ramping, quota on the street, etc.) to add to your forecast meetings.

Your revenue plan: from shelfware to weekly activation

There’s no need to let your annual revenue plan and its foundational elements become “shelfware” as you get into the fiscal year and the focus shifts to deals. We help GTM teams stay on top of and take action on today’s state of revenue capacity – so you’re in good shape to ramp up efficiently and build your future pipeline.

Revcast product: Easily access revenue plan performance data to bring to weekly sales forecasting meetings to protect future pipeline

Eliminate missed targets due to revenue plan blind spots.

Discover how Revcast ensures you know the status of your revenue-building fundamentals each week.
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