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Revenue operations & productivity

Revcast product view: Insights such as month to sales ramp give RevOps more ability to recommend improvements

The strategic importance of RevOps

More organizations see the value of investing in a Revenue Operations (RevOps) function to deliver go-to-market insights for efficient growth. Once in place, expectations only increase about what RevOps can and should deliver – both tactically and strategically to help the business productively achieve its revenue goals. But something's holding RevOps back...

RevOps: Tactical vs. strategic impact trade-offs

RevOps faces a number of challenges that hinder their potential and effectiveness:


Your work is reliant on data that’s in different systems, formats, not of good quality, or not collected at all.

Lacking solutions

You need better tools to improve the automation of data collection, aggregation, and reporting

Many requests

It’s hard to balance planned projects alongside new urgent requests that can be disruptive and unpredictable


The RevOps team may not be fully staffed to meet the workload demands, or may rely on those new to the role.
“A disproportionately large amount of time is on administrative work. We're just preparing and gathering data so that you can provide answers to the questions that you're asked. By reducing the amount of time that you're spending on these things that can be automated or repeated, you increase the amount of time that you can spend doing more valuable and strategic work to help the organization better reach its goals.”
How Revcast Helps

Efficient, responsive, strategic RevOps

Revcast significantly reduces the time and effort for RevOps to keep the business informed about their revenue plan’s current status, risks, and opportunities. You’re answering key questions in just a few clicks vs. days or weeks, thanks to data and reporting work being automated to get insights faster. RevOps teams gain an “always ready” full-pipeline and sales capacity management solution – allowing them to spend more time on analysis, recommendations, and optimizing the GTM process.

Centralized data
Easily collect and integrate the KPIs you need to understand current pipeline capacity and expected revenue outcomes
Status scorecards & alerts
Get a current snapshot of how your plan is performing and get proactively notified when new updates fall outside thresholds
Risks and opportunities
See trending data and emerging insights, then click down to diagnose problems or recommend opportunities faster
Rapid outputs
Quickly produce the analysis and visualizations needed for team reporting and high-value stakeholder discussions

Bringing RevOps data together

Revcast is co-designed by experienced RevOps and revenue leaders to bring key data pieces together so you can actively manage and optimize your revenue pipeline’s capacity.

Always access historic and current performance on:

  • Ramp times
  • Headcount in seat and hiring velocity
  • Sales team organization structure
  • Attrition and planned leave time
  • Targets for multiple types of quotas
  • Quota attainment
  • Marketing contribution
  • BDR or SDR contribution
  • Budget
Revcast product: Bringing all your revenue plan performance KPIs together for strategic insights

It's time to unleash RevOps' potential with better insights.

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