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Annual revenue capacity planning with Revcast]

Annual planning

Build more accurate plans —
faster and easier

Manually building and maintaining sales capacity plans in spreadsheets wastes time and resources. Eliminate the days spent chasing and reconciling data from countless sources.

Leverage Revcast’s best-in-class model to create better plans based on previous fiscal year data and trends in quota attainment, hiring velocity, ramp time, and attrition. So you can spend your time on insights and analysis to uncover plan risk and levers you can pull to grow more efficiently and effectively.

Drive plan alignment

Plans built in spreadsheets are unwieldy, and so are often only maintained and understood by a select few. It can take several months to do things like get alignment, circulate a change, or prepare for board review.

Revcast increases transparency by giving cross-functional stakeholders access and shared visibility to the revenue plan. Want the sales leader of each territory to do a first draft of their capacity plan? Revcast makes it easy. Drive buy-in and accountability through better collaboration.

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Historical Benchmarking

Access past data and trends – right at your fingertips

The most accurate annual plans and forecasts take into account previous performance and trends. Unfortunately, capturing and maintaining data around quota attainment, ramp times, attrition rates, and hiring velocity is near impossible in spreadsheets and, because it lacks a centralized data source, is often left out of planning discussions.

With Revcast, hiring and sales capacity trends are captured and preserved for historical benchmarking so you can answer key questions like – How has ramp time for Enterprise West varied over the past four years? and How does this year’s attainment compare to last year’s for North America SMB?

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Identify risks and opportunities in real-time

Revcast integrates with your CRM and tracks real-time KPIs, sending immediate alerts when there’s not enough quota on the street, hiring is delayed, or reps aren’t ramping to plan.

With Revcast you can easily make minor tweaks, understand the impacts, and get buy-in to get back on track.

Quickly and easily adjust revenue plans

From inaccurate assumptions to macroeconomic shifts, the need to re-plan at some point is practically inevitable. Don’t lose weeks gathering data and getting buy-in from stakeholders.

When you build your revenue plans in Revcast, actuals are always up-to-date and right at your fingertips for rapid re-planning. From minor changes to major re-plans, easily compare capacity models and evaluate options.

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Weekly forecasting

Include hiring and sales capacity in your weekly forecast

Sales capacity easily drives as equal a risk to the revenue plan as pipeline and win rates. Without enough quota on the street, your revenue target is in danger. Reps might be able to make up for the loss in the short-term, but that’s not sustainable.

By incorporating Revcast’s data and forecasts into the weekly forecasting call, you can identify each of these potential areas of risk. Sales hiring and capacity data is always available, updated, forecasted for future quarters, and ready to be shared, so you can focus on insights and solutions.

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Quarterly business reviews

Bring key insights to the table

Bring valuable insights from the revenue plan – including potential risks and opportunities looking forward – to the QBR.

When data around your sales capacity, quota attainment, and capacity-based forecast is always updated and readily available (instead of sitting outdated in a spreadsheet), recommendations and decisions are made based on the most accurate and comprehensive picture.

Unite teams in their goals

By giving all teams – Sales, Marketing, Finance, RevOps, Recruiting – shared access and visibility into the revenue plan from day one, QBRs can be focused on strategy and problem-solving rather than finger pointing.

Don’t let misalignment, lack of visibility, or limited input be responsible for missed revenue goals. Instead, give all relevant organizations access to the revenue target, hiring plan, ramp time, quota on the street, attainment, hiring velocity, and the capacity-based forecast for full accountability, buy-in, and transparency.

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Performance analysis

Get back valuable time

Goals get missed. It’s inevitable. What shouldn’t be inevitable is dropping every other important piece of work. Say Mid-Market East misses their revenue target. It could be rep performance, inaccurate forecasting, incorrect assumptions. A massive effort to collect and verify data is then required to understand what happened.

But with Revcast, the answer is right in front of you. Even better, the risk would have surfaced prior to the missed target – in time for you to do something about it.

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Opportunity capture

Be the valuable,
strategic partner you are

Generate more revenue or cut costs by capitalizing on positive trends sooner. It can be hard to spot opportunities, especially while there’s still time to take advantage. Instead, recognition typically happens at QBRs, if at all.

Revcast continually surfaces opportunities based on thresholds you set, so you can identify insights like – why certain teams ramp faster than others or which markets are exceeding quota – and make quick adjustments to take advantage.

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Sales capacity planning software from Revcast

Sales capacity

Understand how hiring delays impact quota

A month delay in hiring can have a huge impact on a team’s ability to hit their revenue goal. And it’s often not until the QBR that a team realizes a missed target was due to lack of ramped sales capacity.

Don’t let late hiring be the cause of a surprise poor performance. By tracking hiring velocity and quota on the street, you can mitigate risk and make adjustments as necessary.

Tracking Quota on the Street with Revcast

Identify team coverage changes

Reps transfer teams, get promoted, go out on leave, and attrit. The unplanned happens.

By tracking rep movements and status updates in Revcast, you can see the immediate impact this has on quota on the street and generate forecasts based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Eliminate missed targets due to revenue plan blind spots.

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