Ensuring revenue capacity from planning to execution

Revenue achievement comes from a great plan and by actively monitoring your capacity to produce pipeline. Whether you're building your annual plan, prepping for QBRs, or conducting weekly deal reviews, you should always have the best and current insights about how you're performing against the foundational KPIs needed to create revenue: headcount, sales team structure, ramps, attainment, attrition, leaves, org chart movements, SDR and marketing contribution, and more.

Annual revenue planning & re-planning

Every company produces an annual plan that connects resourcing and pipeline-building assumptions to their revenue goals. As that plan meets the “real world,” it requires adjustments or even a full re-planning.

Revcast gives you an efficient and collaborative planning platform, fast scenario comparisons, and agile adjustments based on new insights – while automating the massive data complexities and modeling using best practices.

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Product screenshot: Revcast for annual planning and re-planning
Product view: Revcast brings rich insights to QBRs about revenue plan performance, trends, and risks

Quarterly business reviews

During Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), GTM organizations take a deeper look at performance and identify focus areas. Without a better solution, it's a massive effort to gather revenue plan performance data and prepare insights, leaving less time for analysis and strategy.

Revcast gives you that time for high-value discussions, by bringing together historic and current status on revenue capacity KPIs and surfacing meaningful insights for action. And, it's a simple click to filter the data for quarterly or monthly reviews.

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Weekly forecast reviews

Weekly forecasting often only focuses on the current quarter’s pipeline: what didn’t close; what should close; how many deals are in play. This misses the fundamentals: Do we even have enough capacity and velocity to meet our longer-term revenue goals?

Revcast eliminates this blind spot in weekly forecasts by ensuring you have the real-time insights on hiring status, ramp times, attainment across quota types, attrition, org changes, segments, and more – so that you’re addressing risks to future quarters sooner.

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Product screenshot: Revcast adds more depth to weekly forecast calls - monitoring in real-time sales capacity to reduce future pipeline risk
With Revcast, we built four years of plans in four hours.
Alex Tallentire
Revcast delivers robust revenue plan intelligence to board and executive strategy discussions

Board and executive reporting

The stakes are high during executive-level and board meetings to make the best decisions. Status reporting isn’t enough – there must be a deeper understanding and analysis of what’s happening and why.

With Revcast, you come prepared with current performance data and insights that back your recommendations, thereby elevating discussions and driving efficient strategic decision-making.

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Real-time monitoring & insights

Actual revenue and capacity will almost certainly deviate from your initial plan as the fiscal year unfolds. Various KPIs such as ramp schedules, quotas, attrition, and hiring status benefit from close monitoring to ensure you’re identifying emerging areas of concern and adjusting sooner.

Revcast lets you continuously track the actual status of your capacity and pipeline-building and see updated projections. You have a go-to place that alerts you in real-time to risks and opportunities, while providing insights that reveal the root cause.

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Product view: Revcast brings rich insights to QBRs about revenue plan performance, trends, and risks

Revenue operations productivity

RevOps’ adds strategic value to the business and elevates go-to-market performance – yet these teams are burdened with the heavy data administrative work of gathering, preparing, and modeling data for reporting and analysis.

Revcast was created by experts in RevOps and revenue team leadership to deliver faster insights and deeper understanding of your revenue plan’s ongoing performance. This puts RevOps in a stronger position to improve collaboration, alignment, and ultimately revenue achievement.

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