Why Revcast?

Revenue achievement tomorrow requires the right plan & capacity today

Set up centralized annual revenue plans and budgets with easy scenario modeling - Revcast screenshot

Revenue predictability and outcomes come back to the strength of your total plan and capacity.

The foundation for your entire pipeline and revenue? Mastering your "raw ingredients" =
Headcount, hiring, and attrition. Quota on the street. Ramp times. Attainment. Marketing and BDR contribution. Sales org structure. Costs vs. outcomes.

The financial stakes are high

It's important to monitor revenue plan performance just as you would review weekly forecasts, or you could pay the price. Without a solution like Revcast, you can experience...

Missed revenue

Risks to goals take longer to see, quantify, and address. You can lose time in capturing more revenue sooner.

Higher sales and marketing costs

You need more-than-necessary budget and resources to hit your number.

Higher operational costs

It takes unnecessary time and resources to gather and analyze data on an ad hoc, manual basis.

Impaired decisions

Without timely and accurate insights, your plan’s assumptions that are wrong stay wrong longer.

Meet your modern revenue plan-to-action solution.

With Revcast, revenue teams efficiently and collaboratively build, execute on, and adapt plans and capacity across the entire marketing-to-sales cycle.

Real-time revenue plan performance scorecards and risk alerting - Revcast screenshot

Agile revenue planning

Adjust fast to new risks and opportunities: hiring delays, ramp lengths, slowing cycles, and marketing and BDR productivity.
Annual revenue and sales planning needs scenario modeling and insights - Revcast screenshot

Efficient, productive growth

Ensure you always stay on budget, with the right resources in the right places at the right time with full transparency.
Tracking sales capacity at the rep level, including ramps and leaves - Revcast screenshot

Less burden, more strategy

Free up RevOps and analyst resources from tedious modeling and data gathering to focus on higher-value contributions.

Who Revcast Helps

Chief Revenue Officers & Sales Leadership

Increase your chance of meeting - or exceeding – revenue goals. Be more confident in building plans and aligning with Finance. Use budgets and resources efficiently. Identify risks, opportunities, and insights sooner.

Revenue Operations

Be empowered to develop and maintain the plan you need that captures the full go-to-market lifecycle. Increase time spent on strategic, high-value impact and less on burdensome data and reporting work. Enrich weekly forecasting and demand gen reviews.

Finance Leaders & Analysts

Confirm a plan with higher confidence and stakeholder buy-in. Get alerted when it is deviating, along with updated revenue projections. Monitor how efficiently you are driving growth. Accelerate re-planning and scenario comparisons.

Marketing, HR, & C-Suite Stakeholders

Ensure marketing and BDR contribution to the revenue plan is captured, accountable, and actively monitored. Quantify the revenue impact of hiring delays to HR and hiring managers. Deliver insights to the C-suite and board with less hassle.

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Eliminate missed targets due to revenue plan blind spots.

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