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Real-time revenue plan monitoring & insights

Revcast: Real-time data on revenue plan status, trends, risks and opportunities

Always know your performance and capacity

How well-equipped are you right now to produce future revenue? What are your emerging risks and opportunities? How easily can you quantifiably answer these questions?

One of the greatest obstacles for go-to market, RevOps, and finance leaders is that disparate data and resource constraints get in the way of understanding the most current picture of how well you’re performing against your revenue plan.

Why real-time revenue plan insights are important

The right solution can give you a major advantage to optimize your go-to-market efforts and reach your goals.

Key benefits:

You're not playing "catch up" later.

Revenue plans that are wrong stay wrong longer. You should know as early as possible when things are going off track and how to best adjust.

You maximize revenue achievement.

You want to spot where your revenue goals are most at risk, and where you may want to add more resources where things are going well.

You keep things efficient.

Hitting your numbers at any cost is not the way businesses operated today. You want to find that balance of the right plan and capacity against your budget.
“We’re monitoring in real time what’s happening in terms of execution… we’re seeing that pipeline get created, we’re seeing how your ramping performance is evolving over time. We’re seeing how you’re hiring, whether it’s slow or early. And with all of that data, we’re able to highlight risks and opportunities to revenue leaders.”
How Revcast Helps

Real-Time Revenue Plan KPI Monitoring

Revcast makes sure you know if you have enough resources and pipeline-building capacity in the right place, at the right time, ramped and ready to produce. You continuously manage your revenue plan for efficiency and performance -- and catch issues early so there’s time to adjust.

24x7 intelligence
Have the accurate insights you need at a moment’s notice to communicate your plan's performance – improving responsiveness and collaboration.
Ready-built reports & transparency
Give stakeholders access to current data and visualizations across key KPIs, with easy drill-down into the details. Everyone's on the same page.
Automated alerts
Know when things are going off track, with automated notifications and status scorecards that provide context to help you recommend next actions.
Focus on strategy, not data
Free up valuable resource time from tedious data gathering and reporting, so you can focus on the best ways to keep your plan on track.

The fundamental revenue plan KPIs we track

Every revenue organization is built on a foundation designed to generate pipeline and deals later. Revcast helps you ensure that foundation is solid.

Get always-on access to:

  • Hiring status, velocity, and forecasted gaps
  • Ramp actuals vs. your plan
  • Attainment across all your quota types
  • Impacts team members change roles
  • Performance details by each sales segment
  • Actual attritions and leave times vs. plan
  • Pipeline contribution from marketing and BDRs/SDRs
  • Costs by month and quarter
Revcast product - current trendlines showing months to sales ramping

See this real-time monitoring and insights in action.

A walk-through of Revcast shows how you get early identification of risks and opportunities.
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