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Build better plans.
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Revcast improves revenue performance with more accurate planning, real-time risk and opportunity assessment, and powerful capacity-based forecasting.

Current solutions are


Spreadsheets are currently the backbone of sales capacity planning and forecasting despite
being tedious & error prone.

Introducing a modern approach to revenue
capacity management.

Drive revenue predictability

Create revenue plans based on reliable data, secure early and continual stakeholder buy-in, and efficiently manage sales capacity for accurate forecasting and easy re-planning. Identify plan risk before it's too late.

Improve business agility

Understand the full sales capacity picture – hiring, attainment, attrition, ramp – and which levers lead to effective and efficient growth. Make smarter, faster decisions as changes occur and plans adjust.

Stay focused

Your time is too valuable to be chasing data and fighting fires. By acting as your trusted system of record and risk alert system, Revcast keeps you focused on providing strategic insights and proactive solutions.

With Revcast, we built four years of plans in four hours.
Alex Tallentire


  • Build more accurate plans based on historical data and trends in quota attainment, ramp time, and hiring velocity
  • Leverage a best-in-class capacity model that significantly improves efficiency and saves countless hours in plan building time
  • Drive buy-in and accountability by giving cross-functional stakeholders access and shared visibility to the revenue plan


  • Improve forecast accuracy by effectively managing sales headcount and capacity
  • Update actuals in real-time through integrations with your CRM, finance, and HR systems and track KPIs to generate forecasts against plan
  • Get immediate in-app and Slack alerts on plan risks and opportunities for earlier action
Revenue Chart


  • Easily integrate sales capacity performance into weekly forecasting to discuss risks and solutions with stakeholders
  • Continually adapt to the unexpected — resignations, delayed hires, longer ramps
  • Compare and share real-time models and dashboards, and evaluate options for minor changes or complete re-plans
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