Use Case

Board and executive meetings

Revcast KPI scorecard tracking revenue plan performance, gaps, and trends

Mastering revenue performance insights for critical meetings

Board meetings and strategic executive-level planning sessions require a deep level of preparation. That work requires mastery over how well your revenue plan and pipeline engine are performing.

  • Before the meeting: Typically there are specific KPIs or areas that are targets for discussion, which drive the need for gathering the right data.
  • During and after: These meetings nearly always produce additional questions that trigger a second wave of data research and reporting.

Responding to revenue plan and pipeline information requests

It’s been challenging for revenue team leaders, RevOps, and finance to prepare for and then respond in a timely way to revenue plan performance questions for these critical meetings. The quality and richness of the discussions relies on having the right information available. If you don't have the data, it's not up to date and hard to gather, you spend an enormous amount of time just getting the data into shape before you can even produce any meaningful insights or recommendations.

"I remember one time I was asked, and the board meeting was in a day or two, to better understand how we were doing in terms of attrition. This was incredibly difficult to do when we had a couple hundred sales reps on the team... It was an incredibly tough effort with multiple people to get to that point. With Revcast all of this exists in the system. But more importantly, you can create the narrative around this as well as any recommendations that may come out of the insights that you gather."
How Revcast Helps

Revenue plan intelligence for boards and executive teams

Revcast always keeps up to date and available the key elements that tell you the capacity of your pipeline-building engine – from marketing to BDRs to sales – and how that’s truly performing against your plan and budget. From there, you're prepared to go deeper into root-cause analysis, insights with context, and recommendations backed by data and scenario predictions.

Credibility and trust
Always-on access to complete, current data on your revenue plan’s performance and pipeline capacity lets you lead discussions with confidence.
Reduced time to get insights
Revcast automates scorecards, alerts, and scenario modeling to deliver knowledge to you fast so you can make better-informed recommendations.
Shared data set and alignment
Instead of conflicting data sets, everyone has visibility to the same current information to enable more productive conversations and decision-making.
No more blind spots
Never be caught off guard. Revcast gives you a best practices framework to make sure all the right KPIs are being continuously collected and tracked.

Stay on top of KPIs for executive discussions

Revcast makes sure you are always current on how the fundamentals of your revenue capacity plan are performing, including:

  • Quota on the street
  • Hiring status and timing
  • On-boarding, ramp times, and costs
  • Attainment by each quota type
  • Organization changes that shift headcounts and quotas
  • Sales segment performance
  • Team attrition and leave times
  • Marketing’s pipeline contribution
  • Business or sales development rep contribution
  • Cost breakdowns
Revcast Insights dashboard: Monitor your revenue plan's effectiveness - actuals and forecasts

Always know your capacity to meet revenue targets.

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