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Dustin Amrhein joins Revcast as new Chief Executive Officer

We are very excited to announce Dustin Amrhein has joined Revcast as Chief Executive Officer. Amrhein previously led the Global Customer Experience organization at Pendo. Over his career, Amrhein has led sales, professional services, partnerships, and other revenue functions across multiple companies after getting his start as a software engineer at IBM. Founder Eric Boduch, who served as CEO up until now, will remain highly active with Revcast in the role of Executive Chairman. This leadership change enables the company to continue its strong trajectory, product innovation, and brand presence while best positioning it for the next phase of growth.

Boduch, who founded Revcast as the first company out of his venture studio 24 and Up, says, “I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Dustin to take over the helm at Revcast, bringing his exceptional experience in building, leading, and scaling revenue and go-to-market organizations. After founding Revcast through the 24 and Up studio 18 months ago, my role as initial CEO was to bring in the resources and guide the company through the critical product development and launch phase. Now, Revcast is ready for the ‘up’ phase in its journey, and I look forward to seeing Dustin take the company to the next level and working with him and the team to make that happen.”

A note from Dustin

Nearly a year ago, on one of my many trips to Raleigh, I caught up with Eric Boduch over coffee. Having spent several years in various leadership positions at Pendo, I knew Eric well and had even worked with him on several different new business projects at the company he co-founded. While we routinely met for coffee, drinks, or food, this would be the first time we caught up since he left Pendo to launch his new venture - 24 and Up. Little did I know that this cup of coffee would be the first of a series of events that led me to where I am today: joining Revcast as the new Chief Executive Officer.

It was over this cup of coffee that Eric shared with me the original idea and early prototype of what would grow to become Revcast (ironically the seed of the idea came from Eric’s time as the revenue leader of a business in Pendo at which we both took turns running). Eric’s core idea was rooted in revenue planning - or more simply put, helping companies answer the question: “How many sellers do I need to hit my sales goals?” It’s a simple question, but the answer is anything but. To answer this question effectively, companies must factor a number of things into the equation, including the timing of sales hires, how long it takes to hire them, how long it takes for new hires to ramp, what percentage of the team will turnover, headcount needs of supporting teams, and much more.

As someone that has led virtually every part of a Revenue organization, I have a hard-earned appreciation of how cumbersome and inefficient this process is in many organizations. Virtually every group in the company is involved, data is siloed, collaborating on a shared source of truth is nearly impossible, and things rapidly change with every new assumption. Making this easier, more efficient, and more accurate immediately resonated with me then and still does today. But I also understood that creating a better approach for the planning process would open up an opportunity to more fundamentally change how many GTM teams work for the better. How’s that?

Well, companies toil over a plan for a few months working through multiple revisions, and then at some point they ‘lock it in’. From there, GTM teams put the plan on the shelf and settle into a cadence dominated by forecast calls that focus on pipeline generation, pipeline conversion rates, and deal inspection. While this cadence is critical, it often misses a key point: assumptions made in the plan will change throughout the year. New hire ramp time may be longer than expected, conversion rate assumptions may be wrong, turnover may be higher or lower, and on and on. Too many companies fly blind to this reality and simply focus on pipeline, conversion, and individual deals. They do not constantly and proactively manage the capacity of their GTM organization - creating risk to achieving revenue goals, managing spend, and more.

Is this because companies don’t understand the reality that planning assumptions change? Or, because they don’t believe the risk is material? No and no. It’s because proactively managing GTM capacity using traditional methods and tools is all but impossible to do effectively. Enter Revcast. Not only does Revcast offer a better, more collaborative approach to creating a revenue plan, but it also provides ongoing insights that empower GTM teams to continually manage capacity in order to mitigate revenue risk and to seize revenue opportunity in real-time. It’s for those reasons and more that I couldn’t be more excited about joining team Revcast and helping to meaningfully change GTM operations for the better across the world! 

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