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Revcast announces public launch

We’re excited to announce the first release of the Revcast product for general availability. The Revcast solution helps revenue leaders build and deliver on the right capacity plan for their organization. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from some very smart people, who had been feeling the pain of planning and managing revenue plans in inefficient systems for far too long.

I joined Revcast as Head of Product in July to help build a tool to give revenue operators the power to be more strategic, opportunistic, and collaborative. In my past as an entrepreneur, I was responsible for my fair share of bad revenue and capacity plans: unrealistic, implausible, and misaligned with both reality and the expectation of business partners. In my more recent past as a Product Leader, I’ve seen just how hard it really is for CROs and Sales Leaders to operate. Anyone responsible for building and maintaining a revenue capacity plan is fighting against the tools at their disposal. As my old boss Doug Kaufman once said, “You can’t run your business from a spreadsheet.”

Today, we formally launch Revcast as a solution RevOps Leaders deserve: Purpose-built to bring agility, transparency and efficiency into the world of revenue planning and management.

During our beta, we put our product into the hands of trial customers for real feedback on how to improve. To the folks who helped us get this far: Thank you. To those reading this: My email address is I’d love to show you what we’ve built, and figure out how to make it better. Help us deliver the right tool for RevOps.

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