The Big Book of Great Revcasting*

Volume 1: Preventing Revenue Plan Failure


  1. Why traditional revenue planning methods are set for failure
  2. How to calculate the right ramp-up periods for your sales org
  3. The game of ratios: Making pipeline coverage more than a theory
  4. So much data, so few answers: How to fix data chaos in RevOps
  5. A solution for pipeline capacity planning

Welcome to the world where revenue planning meets innovation. This guide is designed for those who sense that the traditional paths to revenue planning and forecasting might not be holding up against the rapid pace of today's business environment.

In this volume, we challenge the conventional wisdom, not by dismissing the foundational principles of revenue planning, but by building upon them with fresh insights and methodologies tailored for today's dynamic market. It's a guide for the forward-thinking go-to-market professional who believes that understanding the nuances of sales org ramp-up periods, navigating the complexities of pipeline coverage, and solving the puzzle of data chaos can lead to breakthrough performance.

We'll explore why many revenue planning and forecasting efforts fall short and provide you with the tools and concepts to chart a more accurate, agile path forward. This isn't about discarding what we know; it's about enhancing and expanding our toolkit to include strategies that are as adaptive and innovative as the market demands.

This is your invitation to join a conversation that's rethinking the approach to revenue operations. It's for the strategists, the planners, and the doers who are ready to take their organizations into a future where revenue planning is a driver of growth and not just a forecast. So, let's dive in together and discover how we can transform the challenges of today's revenue landscape into the successes of tomorrow.

* Revcasting: The practice of driving higher revenue achievement through comprehensive go-to-market planning, measurement, and agile optimization

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