In today's ever-evolving business landscape, tracking revenue performance and gaining key insights is paramount for successful growth and risk management. As we head into 2024, it's critical to focus on not only revenue planning and forecasting, but also ongoing plan management. Do you know which KPIs to focus on? Can you easily identify plan risks? Opportunities?

Enjoy an insightful discussion with Josh Schwartz, Operating Principal and Head of Sales Acceleration Practice at Growth Factors, and Jeff Serlin, Chief Revenue Operations Officer at Revcast, where we delve deep into the key aspects of revenue planning, plan management, and forecasting helping you gain a competitive edge and drive revenue for your organization.

Key Takeaways:

💪 The Power of Managing to Your Revenue Plan: Once the year is underway, knowing how to effectively manage against your revenue plan is essential. Learn which KPIs to focus on, the optimal frequency for tracking them, and how to seamlessly integrate sales capacity and hiring into your weekly forecasts. 

🔍 Identify Risk by Tracking Metrics: Learn how to extract meaningful data and turn it into actionable insights that drive your revenue planning decisions. Understand the 'Why' and 'How' of identifying potential risks in your revenue plan. We'll provide you with practical strategies to spot and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring your revenue goals stay on track. 

🔄 Overcoming Data Challenges: Explore the challenges organizations face when acquiring the necessary updates for informed forecasting. Discover how consistency and data standardization can streamline this process and facilitate more accurate predictions.

📊 The Significance of Data: Uncover why data is the cornerstone of successful revenue planning. Many companies, even those with great potential, falter because they lack the necessary data and fail to grasp its importance. Don't let your organization be one of them!

About the Speakers

Jeff Serlin, Chief Revenue Operations Officer, Revcast

Jeff Serlin is currently the Chief RevOps Officer (CROO) and VP of Strategy at Revcast, a company he helped found late last year. Prior to Revcast, he has led and built RevOps teams at leading companies such as Marketo, Intercom and Pendo and has advised companies such as Outreach. With almost 20 years of experience in GTM operations he has and continues to share his learnings and mentor up and coming RevOps professionals, many who now are VPs of RevOps leading their own teams. When not consumed by all things ops, he enjoys scuba diving and is a frustrated, but less so now, Detroit Lions fanatic. 

Josh Schwartz, Operating Principal and Head of Sales Acceleration Practice, Growth Factors

Josh Schwartz is an Operating Principal & the Head of GrowthFactors Sales Acceleration pillar. Previously, Josh led multiple sales teams at PE- and VC-backed companies including TopOPPS, (acquired by Xactly), Bizlibrary, and Varsity Tutors. Josh also built a sales meetup and events business through SalesHacker (acquired by in Saint Louis. Outside of his day job, Josh also volunteers at ArchGrants & is an advisor at DataPlant.

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