Today’s market is no longer about growth at all costs. Boards and investors expect efficiency, agility and sustainable growth. Coupled with the hangover from over-hiring and over-spending, sales teams are experiencing longer sales cycles and smaller ACVs. So how is all this change affecting annual planning? What impact are these trends having on revenue planning and forecasting at your organization? If today is all about efficient growth, how well can you judge the accuracy of your assumptions? How easily can you identify risk in your revenue plan?

Enjoy a discussion with Sally Duby, Chief Sales Officer and Partner at The Bridge Group, and Jeff Serlin, Chief Revenue Operations Officer at Revcast, as they dive into the key considerations and factors related to annual revenue planning in this economy and the impacts they could have on the quality of the plan and the performance for your year ahead.  

Key Takeaways

Impact of attrition – Get a deep understanding of how to plan for rep attrition, calculating first year attrition, the true cost to your organization, and ways to mitigate it.

Optimizing ramps – Uncover the real purpose behind setting ramps and whether they’re for quota relief or the time it takes for a rep to be “productive.”  

Effectively setting quota – Learn proven quota-setting techniques, benchmarking, the relationship between OTE and quota, and the differences between quota-setting and productivity.

How to drive accountability – Master how to get buy-in across sales leadership and management to drive accountability. We’ll cover how to understand when and why there isn’t buy-in and how to bring in reinforcements when necessary.

Driving real results in this climate – Discover effective strategies for managing the plan to drive revenue performance for 2024.

About the Speakers

Jeff Serlin, Chief Revenue Operations Officer, Revcast

Jeff Serlin is currently the Chief RevOps Officer (CROO) and VP of Strategy at Revcast, a company he helped found late last year. Prior to Revcast, he has led and built RevOps teams at leading companies such as Marketo, Intercom and Pendo and has advised companies such as Outreach. With almost 20 years of experience in GTM operations he has and continues to share his learnings and mentor up and coming RevOps professionals, many who now are VPs of RevOps leading their own teams. When not consumed by all things ops, he enjoys scuba diving and is a frustrated, but less so now, Detroit Lions fanatic. 

Sally Duby, Chief Sales Officer and Partner, The Bridge Group

Sally is passionate about Virtual Sales and Sales Development and helping others learn how to build world-class virtual sales organizations that are repeatable and scalable. Sally has been an industry speaker at various Sales Conferences, Webinars and VC firms. She is co- founder and board member of the VP of Sales Forum in the Bay Area, former AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter Board Member and was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Executives, a Forbes Business Council member and a published Forbes writer.

Sally is CSO and Partner at The Bridge Group, Inc, today’s most respected and influential inside sales and sales development consultancy working with tech stars such as Coupa Software, Avalara,, Dropbox, to IBM, CA, Oracle and Autodesk. She is also an advisor to many companies such as WindRiver, Streamsend, Imperva, Galvanize and others.

Previously, she was Interim VP of Sales for a SaaS startup, head of sales for Skype, and ran another inside sales consultancy for 15 years. Sally learned all about inside sales starting as an inside sales rep and working her way up to leadership roles at Oracle in the late 80s and then built and ran  inside sales teams at Network General and Ingres.

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