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New Features: Pipeline Generation Reality & Ramp Risk Insights

We're excited to deliver a number of new capabilities to Revcast to keep your revenue plan on track, actively managed, and optimized -- from pipeline data management to sales ramp modeling and risk awareness to enhanced budget details. We break them all down here, but you can get even more details in our Resource Center or you can see these features in action by scheduling a demo online now.

"How well are we doing with Pipeline creation?"

Operating and optimizing your revenue capacity plan means monitoring important KPIs and expectations, including pipeline creation. To help you get answers to questions about pipeline creation -- and to answer those questions at any time without triggering a data scavenger hunt -- Revcast adds two new Dashboard reports for clear visibility:

Pipeline Generation Actuals

As shown in the above example, you can compare your actual pipeline generation over time vs. your budgeted plan and alongside updated estimates based on current data. Break this down further by segments or teams, by quarter or by month.

Pipeline Creation Capacity

Revcast showing capacity status for generating future pipeline

Seen above, you always know the current status of your capacity to generate future pipeline. This compares to your plan and with updated estimates based on how you're tracking, which can be filtered by segments or teams, by quarter or by month.

Sales Rep Ramps: Default models and risk insights

Speaking of optimizing revenue capacity plans… Ramp modeling is one of those important details that makes a devil of a difference. Revcast provides several best practices-based default Ramp Models to get you started with ease, while also leveraging industry benchmarks to guide your assumptions. Once your plan gets activated, our Insights feature will now highlight ramp risks, including when you have a relatively high percentage of ramping reps vs fully-ramped reps, causing potential revenue volatility. See sample alert below:

Example ramp risk alert surfaced in Revcast's Insights

Revenue plan details

While building your plan or undergoing re-planning, it’s now easy to see critical metrics broken down by month, so you can build the right plan for your organization. We’ve made different sections of the table expandable, to include detailed Headcount, Sales Breakdown, Pipeline Generation Breakdown, and Cost Overview metrics. Plus, you can export the table to a spreadsheet to make further investigation a breeze.

Monthly expandable detailed view of revenue plan in Revcast

Building on Full Revenue Capacity Planning

This latest round of Revcast product enhancements continues to build on our major release earlier in 2024 to deliver full pipeline capacity planning and ongoing optimization -- spanning marketing, BDRs/SDRs, to sales so that you're capturing your full capacity and cost picture to maximize revenue achievement and efficiency.

We're super proud of our Revcast engineering, design, and product team members for their innovation velocity and responsiveness to our customers. If you haven't seen a demo yet, we hope you'll schedule one to see how we can help you actively manage your revenue plan to success.

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