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Enhanced Insights on Revenue Capacity KPIs, Ramp Actuals, Pipeline Risks

Always-Ready Insights: Top-Line Revenue Capacity KPIs, Pipeline Creation Risk, Months-to-Ramp, and Team Details

Product Update News for April 2024

Building off of our recent feature enhancements that help plan and track pipeline creation and sales rep ramping, Revcast delivers more insights in each of those areas to further help you optimize your capacity to achieve revenue. Also, now right at your fingertips in Revcast is the ability to stay on top of critical KPIs (key performance indicators) in one place and getting an accurate status of team details.

Read below to learn and see more about our five notable product updates from the past month:

Top-Line Revenue Capacity KPIs

How are you tracking today against your plan? Getting to that answer is traditionally a tedious data-hunting effort every time you want to report on it. Instead, your Revcast dashboard now gives you a summary-level snapshot for a given reporting period – so you know your current actuals vs. expected performance across key performance indicators that span pipeline-to-sales capacity to build your revenue potential:

  • Total Pipeline 
  • Total Headcount
  • Street Quota
  • Attainment
  • Revenue
  • Cost
Revcast helps you keep track of critical revenue capacity KPIs in one snapshot

Even better -- in just a click, you can toggle the reporting of those KPIs to show either month to date, quarter to date, or year to date. 

Months-To-Ramp: Dashboard Visual

Also new to your Revcast dashboard is a visualization to make sure your ramping sales reps and other quota-producing team members are on track in their on-boarding and ramp times. Lagging areas can be identified and addressed sooner with sales managers to improve sales ramp efficiency. These insights also help you improve the accuracy of ramp assumptions for future capacity and sales forecasting. 

Revcast visualizes how well your sales team members are ramping

Pipeline Creation Risk

How early can you detect if and when you won’t have enough capacity to generate pipeline to meet your revenue goals?

With Revcast, you not only track pipeline capacity and creation as time progresses, but you now get a proactive alert when you’re at risk. Revcast automatically compares how your actuals are tracking against plan, and flags areas that may need attention (see example below highlighting a lower street quota). This helps you investigate and problem-solve with your go-to-market stakeholders sooner. 

Revcast alerts and describes risks to sales pipeline creation capacity

Team Plan Details in One Place

Your Revcast dashboard now includes a team details table for easy visibility of your team plan and its important KPIs, at a granular level by month. With just a click, you can expand sections in the report to view: headcount subtotals by team type; sales breakdowns; pipeline targets; pipeline generation capacity with and without attainment factors; pipeline coverage ratio; and costs. You can export details (csv or Excel) to use in other off-line reporting. 

Transparency into the details of your revenue plan by team, by month

Simplified Quota Management

Revcast makes managing quotas across your entire GTM organization easier by centralizing quota creation and ongoing management. This supports any type of quota (sales, pipeline, other quantifiable targets). This approach not only reduces your amount of quota administrative time, but it also promotes standardizing on fewer distinct quotas to ensure consistency across the org.

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